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Sophie & Max Show Some Shark Love

Introduce young children to the concept of shark conservation!

Sophie and Max embark on a beautiful shipwreck dive to help them learn more about sharks, but Max has a secret—he is afraid of sharks!

Will facing his fears help him to overcome the panic he feels at the very thought of coming face to face with these toothy fish?

Together, the two friends meet three species of sharks on their adventure, falling in love with these beautiful animals at first sight. They learn why sharks are so important to the ocean, how they keep our reefs healthy, and why we need to help sharks now more than ever as they become endangered through over-fishing.

Sophie & Max Show Some Ocean Love

Introduce young children to the concept of ocean conservation! Join Sophie and Max as they go on a dive of discovery, and learn how our trash impacts the ocean and all the critters that live there. A story about loving and caring for our oceans.

You can learn about the beauty and wonder that lies beneath the waves too, and I’m sure the underwater critters will capture your heart as much as they have captured mine. Come meet some of them!

This treasure is available in both paperback and ebook.

Sophie et Max Démontrent Leur Amour Pour L’océan

Sophie et Max font une plongée sous-marine remplie de découverte et apprennent comment nos déchets ont un impact sur l’océan et toutes les créatures qui y vivent.

Une histoire d’amour et de protection de nos océans.

Rejoignez Sophie et Max dans leur exploration et voyez comment les enfants peuvent aussi être des héros.

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My Dearest Little Peppercorn

This treasure is available in both hardcover and paperback.

When Nana finds out she is going to be a grandmother, she is more than a little excited for baby to come; and she begins to dream of their adventures together…

This sweet book is a love letter written by a grandmother-to-be to her unborn grandchild. Filled with love and longing, children will love to hear how dearly they were anticipated and celebrated!

A beautiful keepsake to gift to your grandchild, parents-to-be, or announce to grandparents-to-be that there will soon be a new baby in the family!

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Nana blowing kisses to her grandbabies underwater!

Dive Log Books for Scuba Divers !

scuba diver's log book
3 logs per page!
diver's log book
3 logs per page!
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Sophie and Max Show Some Shark Love is finally here, and I am honoured that Cristina Zenato, shark expert from Bahamas, has graciously written a review for the back cover!

Honoured in the Undersea Journal!

I am so excited and honoured to be mentioned in PADIs quarterly publication of “The Undersea Journal”. Many thanks to CEO and President Drew Richardson for recognizing me in the scuba community—a wonderful community that warmly supports one another in their efforts to become better, safer divers with an acute consciousness of Earth’s environmental needs.…

Following an Octopus

Meet this amazing little Caribbean reef octopus. I could not tell if it was male or female, but when they swim, you can see that they have lost an arm (most likely to a predator), and that it is growing back.

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