Whale Poop and You!

It’s not only a fun thing to say, but whale poop has plenty to do with us and the health of our environment – really!

whale poop

Whale poop actually helps the plankton that floats near the ocean’s surface to flourish, and all that tiny plankton is responsible for more than half of the fresh oxygen we breathe on Earth! Incredible!

So there you go – whale poop is actually pretty important to us and the clean air we breathe!

The diver in the video below actually gets caught in a poonado – a sperm whale lets it loose before diving down:

Video of diver caught in a poo storm
blue whale

Here are some interesting facts about Blue Whales:

  • When a blue whale poops, it may discharge up to 200 litres of stool into the ocean.
  • Fully grown, a blue whale can grow to be up to 98ft long (3 bus lengths), and weigh up to 380,000 lbs!
  • Blue whales are the largest animal on Earth.
  • The heart from a blue whale is about the size of a small car!
  • The eat mostly krill (small crustaceans). An adult blue whale can eat 40 million krill in a day!

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