Yellowline Arrow Crab

A guest appearance in coming children’s book “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love”.

Jill Smith
Eating the bloodworms attracted to my dive lights on a night dive – found near the Austin Smith shipwreck in Bahamas.

Bloodworms harmlessly swarm to my dive lights sometimes, just as insects in the summertime swarm to a street lamp. These little guys make an excellent meal for the yellowline arrow crab, who braved my dive lights to take advantage of this abundant buffet. He scored a great meal, and I scored some nice photos and a video of him eating. I love finding these guys on a dive! So much so, I included him in a couple of pages of my upcoming book (Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love).

Jill Smith
Version 1
Jill Smith
Version 2

Here are two slightly different versions of one of the pages in upcoming book. Can you find the arrow crab? He is doing something a little different in each illustration!

The shark featured is a quietly resting nurse shark. Each of the three shark species I selected for this children’s book are sharks that I have frequently encountered on my dives, and Sophie and Max will enjoy an encounter with each of them that reflect my own experiences.

Sophie and Max will be diving on the Austin Smith wreck in Bahamas, as I have done numerous times; it’s one of my favourite dive sites. So much so, I even did my mapping project on it for my divemaster course when I was fulfilling my course requirements. I am thankful that as a result of that project, I have many photo references to assist me as I begin my illustration of the wreck from above. I can’t wait to bring this book to life visually!

Have a great day everyone.

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