Flashcards and Memory Games

Print the Cards:

Printable Flashcards from “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love” can be used to help a budding reader recognize words. I recommend printing sheets on stiff card stock paper to make the cards durable. They can even be laminated to make them last longer (I get easy sticky laminate sheets at the dollar store). It certainly is easier to cut if you have a roll-cutter that will cut straight lines for you too! *This game was very popular with my 6 year old granddaughter, and it really helped her with word recognition (we played one set of words with one set of pictures for matches), so I will be creating more of these cards for playing – stay tuned!

Memory Game – How to play:

Printable flashcards of words and pictures may be used to play the memory game. Cards are shuffled and spread out upside down. On a players turn, they may turn over any 2 cards. If they match, they get to keep them and turn over another 2 cards. If they do not match, they must be turned back over in the same spot, and the turn goes to the next player. The player with the most cards when there are none left, is the winner!


Play with one set of words and one set of pictures. For example, turning over a picture of a jellyfish and the “word” jellyfish, is a match! For younger players, printing 2 sets of pictures makes it a fun memory game for the littles. Have fun!

The Games (scroll down):

  1. Ocean Themed Memory Game
  2. Alphabet words Memory Game

1. Ocean Themed Memory Card Game

2. Alphabet words memory Game

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