Honoured in the Undersea Journal!

I am so excited and honoured to be mentioned in PADIs quarterly publication of “The Undersea Journal”. Many thanks to CEO and President Drew Richardson for recognizing me in the scuba community—a wonderful community that warmly supports one another in their efforts to become better, safer divers with an acute consciousness of Earth’s environmental needs.Continue reading “Honoured in the Undersea Journal!”

Balloonfish in “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love”

The very first marine critter Sophie and Max rescue in my children’s book “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love”, is a balloonfish entangled in a fisherman’s net. The idea for this scenario came from a video (video below) that I stumbled across a couple of years ago, and I just never forgot about it.Continue reading “Balloonfish in “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love””

How this Mom (now Nana) came to dive with SHARKS!

Why is this blog about sharks? I am just beginning the process of reading back over my journals diving with sharks as I begin developing the storyline for “Sophie and Max Dive with Sharks” (title is unconfirmed as yet). So there will be a part 2 for ocean and shark conservation! A challenging subject, consideringContinue reading “How this Mom (now Nana) came to dive with SHARKS!”

GoodReads winners and FREE Kindle eBook

I’ve just finished packing up my Goodreads Giveaway contest packages for the winners! Congratulations to Nyala, Judith, Heather and Pat. Your signed copies are on their way! I hope your little ones will enjoy them. Still waiting on a shipment of personalized books that have the first interior page filled with photos of 64 ofContinue reading “GoodReads winners and FREE Kindle eBook”