Alphabet Words Memory Game

A new alphabet word game! 52 cards, and the letters (upper case and lower case), need to be matched to the corresponding picture and word. Print out the free downloadable cards on stiff cardstock, cut (a straight cutter makes it easier), and laminate to make them last longer! I only used a cardstock without laminatingContinue reading “Alphabet Words Memory Game”

“Nailed It” Ocean Cookie Challenge

In keeping with the theme of my new “Show Some Ocean Love” children’s book soon to be released, I have been celebrating the ocean and all of the amazing critters that live in it, and I was inspired to attempt “painting on a cookie”! You can do it too! Bake any sugar cookie, and iceContinue reading ““Nailed It” Ocean Cookie Challenge”

Good Reading, little learners!

This is a photo of the moment when I gifted “My Dearest Little Peppercorn” to my daughter and her husband. I just couldn’t wait until the baby shower… My very first children’s book! My Dearest Little Peppercorn is a love letter from a Grandma to her unborn grandchild, and her excitement is boundless as sheContinue reading “Good Reading, little learners!”