Review by Cristina Zenato, “shark dancer”

Sophie and Max Show Some Shark Love is finally here, and I am honoured that Cristina Zenato, shark expert from Bahamas, has graciously written a review for the back cover!

Honoured in the Undersea Journal!

I am so excited and honoured to be mentioned in PADIs quarterly publication of “The Undersea Journal”. Many thanks to CEO and President Drew Richardson for recognizing me in the scuba community—a wonderful community that warmly supports one another in their efforts to become better, safer divers with an acute consciousness of Earth’s environmental needs.…

Following an Octopus

Meet this amazing little Caribbean reef octopus. I could not tell if it was male or female, but when they swim, you can see that they have lost an arm (most likely to a predator), and that it is growing back.

Yellowline Arrow Crab

A guest appearance in coming children’s book “Sophie and Max Show Some Ocean Love”. Bloodworms harmlessly swarm to my dive lights sometimes, just as insects in the summertime swarm to a street lamp. These little guys make an excellent meal for the yellowline arrow crab, who braved my dive lights to take advantage of this…


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Hi, I’m Jill. I am an avid reader, a mom, and now that I have been blessed with grandchildren, I am a nana too! Reading to my children when they were growing was one of my greatest joys, every night transporting us together to another world, another reality. We laughed together, railed in anger, gasped in shock, and cried with grief (well, I did most of the crying), my children seem to be the more stalwart members of our family.

My first children’s book written with love for my unborn grandchild, has sparked a new desire to create more children’s literacy, with a purpose – sharing my passion for the underwater world. As a scuba diver and underwater photographer, I am making it my mission to write children’s books to help them understand the beauty of the underwater world, and teach them how important it is for us to take care of it!

I will be sharing new reading activities, interesting ocean facts, and events with you right here on my blog!

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