Honoured in the Undersea Journal!

I am so excited and honoured to be mentioned in PADIs quarterly publication of “The Undersea Journal”. Many thanks to CEO and President Drew Richardson for recognizing me in the scuba community—a wonderful community that warmly supports one another in their efforts to become better, safer divers with an acute consciousness of Earth’s environmental needs.Continue reading “Honoured in the Undersea Journal!”

GoodReads winners and FREE Kindle eBook

I’ve just finished packing up my Goodreads Giveaway contest packages for the winners! Congratulations to Nyala, Judith, Heather and Pat. Your signed copies are on their way! I hope your little ones will enjoy them. Still waiting on a shipment of personalized books that have the first interior page filled with photos of 64 ofContinue reading “GoodReads winners and FREE Kindle eBook”

Alphabet Words Memory Game

A new alphabet word game! 52 cards, and the letters (upper case and lower case), need to be matched to the corresponding picture and word. Print out the free downloadable cards on stiff cardstock, cut (a straight cutter makes it easier), and laminate to make them last longer! I only used a cardstock without laminatingContinue reading “Alphabet Words Memory Game”