Good Reading, little learners!

This is a photo of the moment when I gifted “My Dearest Little Peppercorn” to my daughter and her husband. I just couldn’t wait until the baby shower…

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My very first children’s book!

My Dearest Little Peppercorn is a love letter from a Grandma to her unborn grandchild, and her excitement is boundless as she dreams of all the memories they will make together!

When my daughter and her husband announced that they were expecting, they told me the baby was just the size of a little peppercorn! I was immediately in love and inspired, to create this colourful book as a surprise for her first baby shower. I soon became obsessed. I took some watercolour classes with One Sketchy Art Studio to get started(, and took over the kitchen with my painting and sketching supplies. I will admit; my husband is so patient!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and I have developed a passion to continue to write and illustrate more; with retirement a couple years away, this could be the thing that keeps me busy as I sail into my golden years!

It has been a great honour to have “My Dearest Little Peppercorn” purchased and gifted as shower gifts, and one mom even gifted it to her parents as a way to announce the coming addition to the family! And I got to be a little part of that joyous day! It really does fill my heart with gratitude.

Why haven’t I been doing this all of my life?

My Sweet Granddaughter

Meet Miss Sophie, a little girl with whom I LOVE to spend time; but when we read “My Dearest Little Peppercorn”, she only lets me read the “girl” pages!

Nana is happy to oblige, thank goodness I can be flexible!


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